Welcome To InterviewIT

Our goal is to minimize costs associated with IT candidate selection and hiring process by taking over technical pre-screening of your candidates. Our strength is in technical screening with the focus on Software Engineering. However, we are expanding fast to cover broad areas of IT. To find out what technical areas are examined during the interview process click here.

Why use our services?

  1. Save time and money on the interview process

    Often it takes 4-5 candidates or more to find the right person. Each candidate is normally screened by various members of IT staff. Developers are spending valuable time interviewing candidates instead of concentrating on the projects. InterviewIT will take over the technical screening process, and help you identify the technical resources you need, while your team stays focused on your projects.

  2. Company has no qualified technical screeners

    It is possible that you are just in the beginning of building your IT department and there are just no resources, which can be used to conduct technical interviews. We provide technical screening services, which cover a broad set of skills and technologies.

  3. Get valuable second opinion

    You may find yourself in a situation where somebody in your IT staff has referred the candidate. You have heard the opinion of your IT staff but want to get an independent second opinion. Our services allow you to get a second opinion on the candidate and get feedback on how your candidate compares to other resources on the market. Our experienced interviewers are Technical Leads, Architects, and IT Managers with a background in a number of industries, and expert knowledge in a number of technologies. They can provide an independent second opinion from the point of view of the Hiring Manager.

  4. Get referrals in case your candidate is not qualified.

    Get recommendations for other candidates who better fit position description. The nature of interviewing business allows us to come across people who may not be a good fit for one project but could be great for another one.

  5. Convenient interview times

    It may be difficult for your IT staff to find time for interviews during the regular business hours. Your candidates may also have a busy work schedule during normal work hours. Interviews can be conducted on the phone after normal work hours or during weekends.

  6. Candidate to opening matching

    You may have several open positions. The candidate may be a good fit for one position but not for the other. Given descriptions of the openings we'll provide the recommendations.

  7. Our Techical Expertise

    Our interviewers have many years of experience in Technology - Software Architecture, Design and Programming, have a strong academic background including Degrees in Software Engineering and/or Computer Science, and multiple Technical Certifications. The background of the interviewer is always disclosed to the client. References are available upon request.

  8. Service Transparency

    We are focused on establishing a long-term relationship with our clients. Building the trust is the most important part of our business. To ensure the quality of our service you are welcome to join the teleconference call between our interviewer and the candidate.

  9. Service Flexibility

    Our services target your specific needs. The inputs and outputs of the technical screening process can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

  10. Money back guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason we will not charge you anything and will return any payments.